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We are CV consultants who offers professional CV writing, personal branding, and career consulting services, and was founded by former hiring manager, writer, Billy M. Wachakana. We have helped thousands of different level professionals across industries find employment opportunities as well as promotions or change of careers aligned with their future career goals. Our pleasant spot is helping entry level, mid level and senior level professionals realize their dream jobs alongside positions

Effective CVs rely on a combination of winning content, strong branding, and design, all of which we provide in one package. We give the most content to communicate a convincing story and help you stand out in competitive job markets. Our process is straight-forward and simple, enable you to focus on what really matters which in turns getting noticed and getting hired.

We welcomes customers of all industries, levels, and from different parts of the planet. Located in the heart of Nairobi, we are experts in the Kenyan job market, and have worked with a range of professionals.

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CV Writing services

If you are in Kenya or Nairobi, you can simply order for your CV by calling Billy on 0718646221 or email with your details. Our CVs are professionally written to ensure that you get a job of your dream in Kenya or East Africa. Call us anytime with your details.


We write professional Cover Letters that will ensure you get noticed. Along with your CV.  It will convince any potential employer or recruiter to pick you.

They cost Ksh500

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Charges / prices

Our CVs cost from 1500 all the way to 3000 depending on your level of experience, here is a detailed list;

Beginners Ksh 1500

2-4 years experience Ksh 2000

5-8 Years Ksh 2500

8 Years and abover Ksh 3000

Cover Letters and Recommendations Ksh 500

CALL US 0718646221 or email